LL Bean Reseller Deep Dive

Here’s everything you need to know about thrifting and flipping LL Bean clothing for profit. If videos aren’t your thing, all the info is below:

LL Bean Shirts

Pickup to resell: Chamois, anything lined, flannels, the river driver henley, vintage especially vintage rugby polos, anything with wool content, anything hunting related.

Avoid these slow sellers: Regular cotton button down and button front shirts

LL Bean Jeans

Pickup: flannel or fleece lined

Maybe pickup, avoid if you only want quick flips: unlined jeans

LL Bean Pants

Pick to flip: anything lined, corduroy, nylon (especially zip-off convertible), cargo pants, 100% wool (but not dress pants), anything hunting related

Avoid: Regular khakis and chinos

LL Bean Sweaters

Reseller Profits: ANYTHING WOOL, especially: fisherman styles, made in Norway, made in Scotland, made in Ireland, cardigans, vintage

Cotton Flips: vintage, fisherman styles, 5 button henley, cardigans, rolled neck sweaters, Nordic of Fair Isle patterns, cable knit

Avoid: plain solid color 100% cotton pullovers

LL Bean Jackets, Coats, Vests

Avoid: Fleece pullovers

Scoop up: Practically anything else (depending on cost). Especially Chore or Barn Coats, Field Jackets, anything with Goose Down, puffer styles, Aztec or Southwest patterns, rain jackets, ANYTHING WOOL, vintage (especially leather bombers), parkas, denim, anything hunting related.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you can take some time to watch the video. Below are the notes I took while researching this brand deep dive.

  1. Shirts, 12,257 listed & 5,901 sold. A 16% Monthly Sell Thru
    1. Chamois: 556 listed vs 876 sold. That’s a 53.5% sell thru rate and they are selling for $24-$35 shipped. Big sizes are always better but I would not hesitate to scoop up any size.
    2. Lined: 292 listed vs 670 sold, 75% sell thru rate. Most sell $30-$40, there is a specific model called the Hurricane shirt that is more like a shirt jacket and can push anywhere from $40-$80. Grab any flannel lined LL Bean shirt, the larger sell prices will go to the hurricane shirts, lined denim, vintage pieces and shirts where the lining has an aztec pattern
    3. Flannels (-lined -chamois): 1277 listed vs 1416 sold and a 37% Monthly Sell Thru. Mostly selling in the $20-$25 range, BIG sizes can push $30, vintage pieces and shirt jackets can go for $30-$45. Note: a lot of flannels will push close to 16 oz or go over a pound.
    4. Regular button front shirts (-flannel -lined -chamois -jacket), 9838 listed vs 2948 sold, only a 10% sell thru rate and many sell in the $10-$20 range. Narrowing to just XXL brought the sell thru rate up to the low 20s but the pricing did not improve. Recommend to avoid unless getting them extremely cheap, with the following exceptions
    5. Anything Hunting Related – wool content, blaze orange (the whole shirt or patches) padding, camo, vintage camo especially
    6. Vintage Rugby Stripe Polos – $25-$55 all day
    7. River Driver Henley – spot this because of it’s wool content. 48 listed vs 242 sold! $20 – $40 but why on earth would you list on the low end of that.
  1. Pants
    1. Jeans – 1084 listed, 1031 sold, a 33% sell thru rate which is great.
      1. Normal Jeans – $25 – $32 shipped
      2. Flannel Lined – $30 – $45 shipped
    2. Other Pants, 23% sell thru rate
      1. Sell thru really dragged down by chinos and khakis. Slow sellers and don’t command the higher prices. Recommend avoiding unless they are lined.
      2. Nylon – 100% nylon pants 26% sell thru, $25 and up, it’s not uncommon for nylon pants to ship first class
      3. Lined – just like with shirts lined pants are very desirable. Nearly 50% sell thru rate and $30-$40 shipped easy
      4. Corduroy – 30% sell thru, $25-$35 shipped
      5. Cargo Pants – 32% sel thru $20-$30 shipped
      6. Wool – 26% sell thru rate but sell prices $50-$100. Not talking about wool dress pants, but heavy wool pants for outdoors like hunting
      7. Everything else — look for Gore Tex, nylon, articulated knees, convertible zip off shorts, duck canvas, hunting pants
  2. Jackets, Coats, Sweaters
    1. Sweaters – 3329 listed, 2553 sold, a 25.5% sell thru rate
      1. Cotton, 1368 listed, 657 sold, only a 16% sell thru rate and I am pulling these numbers in the Winter. Good sellers are below with the Fisherman styles pulling the most $$
        1. Thick 5 button Henley $55+
        2. Cardigans $30
        3. Nordic of Fair Isle Patterns $25-$40
        4. Rolled Neck Sweater $50 + shipping
        5. Anything Fisherman related $40-$60
        6. Cable Knit $25-$40
        7. Vintage anything
      2. Wool – 1241 listed, 1534 sold, a 41% sell thru rate
        1. Fisherman Styles $$$
        2. Made in Norway $80+
        3. Made in Ireland $60+
        4. Made in Scotland $45+
        5. Vintage $$$
        6. Wool Cadigans $80-$120
        7. Any 100% Wool – $30 min
    2. Jackets, Coats (and vests) 4,898 listed, 4,041 sold, 27.5% sell thru rate (i searched excluding the word “shirt” since I think we’ve covered shirt jackets already)
      1. $40 and up pricing very dependent on the item
      2. Look for anything wool, lined, gore tex, denim, waxed, aztec, heavy, goose down, parkas, vintage, puffer
      3. Leather Bombers can go $100 to $300 with the “flying tiger” style the most valuable.
      4. Fleece can sell but averages closer to $20. I would avoid due to the lower price points on a priority shipping item and fleece can be really annoying to deal with if it’s pilly or has any animal hair in it.
      5. Keywords to know: chore coat, barn coat, duck canvas, packable, puffer
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