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LL Bean Reseller Deep Dive

Here’s everything you need to know about thrifting and flipping LL Bean clothing for profit. If videos aren’t your thing, all the info is below: LL Bean Shirts Pickup to resell: Chamois, anything lined, flannels, the river driver henley, vintage especially vintage rugby polos, anything with wool content, anything hunting related. Avoid these slow sellers:…

Sports Video Games that are Worth Reselling

Sports games are generally pretty worthless when it comes to resale value. But like, everything else, there are some solid flips to be made if you know what to look for. This won’t be a list of the most insanely super rare sports video games that have ever sold in collector auctions for thousands and…

What Do I Need to Start Reselling?

There is no worse feeling than laying out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to start a side business only to find out you don’t like it, it takes too much time, or you fall in the “results not typical” crowd and just can’t make money. The number one reason reselling online is a great…

Calculating Sell Through Rate on Ebay

One of the great advantages a seller has on Ebay vs other online selling platforms is the 90 days of sold listing data that is available. This allows you to see what an item has been selling for recently. And, perhaps even more importantly, you can use the sold listing data to very quickly figure…


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