Access Ebay’s Seller Hub from the Mobile App

Ebay’s mobile app is pretty clean and easy to use. But as a seller, there are some tasks you can only accomplish from the desktop version of the site. Fortunately, there is actually a really easy back door that let’s you load the Seller Hub without leaving the app.

The video above will walk you through live, but it’s super easy. From the Ebay mobile app, tap on My Ebay at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the Help option. When the Help screen opens up, search for “Seller Hub.” The top result will be a blue button that lets you access Seller Hub from the app.

One thing to note, you need to actually tap search to get the blue button result to pop up, don’t just rely on the results that auto populate as you type your search term. Also, once the Seller Hub is up in your app, you’ll essentially be using a non-mobile friendly site on a mobile device, so you’ll have to do a lot of pinching and zooming.

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