About My Side Hustle

I have a regular corporate 9 to 5 job in media and ad tech. When I’m not going to meetings and answering email, I love to work on my side hustle: selling stuff online.

The 5 to 9 Hustle started with an innocent trip to the thrift store.

Like a lot of people, I had a great job but always found myself wishing I had an extra thousand bucks lying around. I had tried many different “passive” income schemes without any lasting success. On that day I was taking my young son to a thrift store hoping to score a copy of a movie he wanted to see that I didn’t want to pay twenty bucks for. Right at the front was an orange balance bike for $5. I knew from my neighborhood Facebook buy/sell/trade that people sold used ones for a lot more than that and it just hit me that I should flip it. We didn’t find the movie we wanted, but I grabbed a box set of all the Harry Potter movies on blu-ray for another $5. I posted both on the buy/sell/trade, my ten dollars turned into $60 and I was off and running.

How can I make money?

I source new and used goods and sell them for profit online. Inventory is available from thrift stores, yard sales, auctions, local buys (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist etc), and online marketplaces. You can do the same thing, flipping for profit on platforms like Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark and more. Opportunity is everywhere with the secondhand clothing market expected to hit 51 BILLION dollars over the next three years. And that’s just clothing! There are tons of other used items that sell for great money online.

*** As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.***

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